Enhanced Branding For A New Era

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Same Quality, Right Name.

The world has shifted and everything is changing. Technology, products, and services, are now tailor made to cater for a broad spectrum of needs. Focusing on the individual, focusing on convenience. Business strategies have moved from broad to specific because customisation is key. We have customised our brand and changes to make things convenient for you.


In 2001, Tseba Construction-, began its journey into becoming one of the leading suppliers of safe storage tank systems. Our drive was to provide quality without limitation. Today, we’re the front-runners of competitive pricing for quality storage tank solutions. Tseba Construction and its offerings has evolved.

With time, we have learned the value of clarity and communication. This lesson often comes with change. For almost 2 decades, Tseba Construction, has brought you quality storage tank solutions- with limited offerings within the construction sector. This has caused great confusion with our clients and potential customers. We specialise in storage tanks, and because of this we have decided to trade as “Tseba Tanks”. This name is direct and its services are clear.


Tseba’ has formed our identity for over 18 years. The root our name is our growing knowledge within our industry. It means “know” in Sesotho. The word is an affirmation that we know our strengths, we know your needs and we know how to provide for them. For us that hasn’t changed!

Tseba Tanks will make it easier for you to identify us and our offerings. Our new trading name is a combination of established trust and credibility- Tseba and new-found product clarity- Tanks. The quality and service that has distinguished us from our competitors remains the same. Providing a distinct identity within our tank manufacturing industry.


You, as our clients can expect the same unquestionable product quality and innovation. Instead of completely rebranding, we’ve chosen to enhance what you already know and love. We’ve modified our trade name to Tseba Tanks for your convenience and our logo is also improving. We have added significant features which are in line with the digital age. The new digital platforms that have been created and can be followed here: Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

We’re still the same leading authority on the design, manufacturing and supply of safe storage tanks and ancillary equipment. The strategy that we’ve developed will carry our loyal clients with us and draw in new ones into this era. Your accounts will remain untouched and unchanged- our form of communication remains the same. The only thing that will be left behind are our competitors.


All modifications has come to full effect after our official launch in October 2019. All clients still have access to us through our current communication systems or through our new website.

Our aim, is to stand out from the rest, not only by name but by service. Our evolution has only improved our vision. It will not change our mission and our core values. This brand enhancement is a declaration of our company’s commitment to upward growth. Our operational strategy remains unchanged.

This new name will make it easier for you to identify us and our offerings.

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